Our Faculty

Our Faculty

Our Faculty

about-faculty2The National Jewish Retreat faculty is an unparalleled assembly of some of the world's most sought-after Jewish thinkers, theologians, academics, and educators. Our pedagogical dream team - to which you have five days of exclusive access - is rounded out by a highly esteemed, hand-selected group of politicians, business gurus, community leaders, and mentors, all available to share personal and professional experiences, in the luxurious and relaxed setting the Retreat provides.

Our goal is to ensure that Retreat participants are offered a vast array of the most innovative and inspiring lectures and workshops possible, covering an unbelievable range of issues and topics, all presented by experts in their respective fields. We aim to provide a forum for open discussion lectures and debate, tackling a smorgasbord of subjects and issues.

Participants also have the opportunity to network with and seek personal advice from the members of our faculty.


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Scintillating lectures and workshops by world-renowned Jewish educators and thinkers with superb dining and elegant accommodations.

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